Laser Hair Comb
Laser Hair Comb
Laser Hair Comb
Laser Hair Comb
Laser Hair Comb
Laser Hair Comb
Laser Hair CombLaser Hair CombLaser Hair CombLaser Hair CombLaser Hair CombLaser Hair Comb

Laser Hair Comb

Laser comb is  the most effective method for stimulating the hair to grow thicker and healthier. It is safe to use, effective and has no side effects, it is a domestic hair care product that is specially designed to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.
This product uses a low red light frequency with a wavelength of 660nm to penetrate through to the cells under the scalp, which stimulates hair follicle’s growing capacity, speeds up blood circulation, regulate sebum secretion, increase absorption of nutrients; hence improving hair quality, supresses hair loss and promotes new hair growing.
On the other hand, it has a green LED light of 550nm wavelength, which helps relax the scalp and improves the effectiveness of the red laser light. Long term use of the comb can further consolidate the new grown hair, increase hair density and elasticity, which keeps the hair healthy and glossy.
By improving various types of hair loss with good results, it is safe to use and trust worthy, with no side effects.
Speed up the scalp’s blood circulation, Stimulate hair follicles, Regulate sebum secretion , Prevent hair loss
Model No.
LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has already approved the use of low leverl laser comb to promote hair growth.  Our laser hair comb uses low energy with a specific wavelength laser red light, which introduces energy into hair follicle cells, and can effectively promote scalp blood circulation, regulate sebum secretion, inhibit the accumulation of harmful substances, enhance the absorption of nutrients. Therefore promote hair follicles to enter the growing phase from its resting phase, as well as extending the hair growth period, stimulating hair follicles and hair to grow healthily, in order to minimise hair loss.

Low Level Red Laser Light

It enhances blood circulation of the scalp, speeds up metabolism, which helps hair follicles to absorb energy and nutrition better. It also regulates sebum secretion, supressing the factors that cause hair loss, in order to reduce hair loss. As a result, it can promote hair growth, strengthen our hair and improve hair quality.

Green LED Light with 550nm Wavelength

Green LED soothes the scalp and desensitizes, which helps absorb red laser light, reduce stimulation to the hair and follicles by chemicals. It also increases the light coverage, and stimulates follicles that are at a relatively shallow area. By combining both LED and laser light source, it can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Portable Design
lightweight design, USB rechargeable, self-service at home, convenient for travelling
Safe and Effective
This product is suitable for men and women, and is safe and effective. Just use it 3 times a week and 10 minutes each time for obvious results.