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It is the first at home microdermabrasion machine to use the same clinically proven crystal and vacuum technology found in professional machines in doctors offices and spas around the world. Its Triple-Action Process uses natural mineral crystals and vacuum lifting technology to lift, polish and reveal your skin while stimulating cell renewal, revealing a vibrant, youthful appearance.

For any skin type with loss of elasticity and fine lines appearing
Deep cleansing, Reduces Wrinkles, Diminish Age Spots, Brighten Skin
Model No.
Vacuum Suction Technology

While using the vacuum technology together with the crystal powders, it can eliminate aged cuticles, minimise pore size, fine lines and wrinkles

User-friendly Design

It has a compact design, just gently open the top cover and take out the applicator. It is easy to use and store.

2-stage Rotational Speeds

Select your desire rotational speed according to your skin condition

Replaceable Crystal Powder

Including 4 refills for one month treatment, hence more convenient to replace and is disposable

How to Use
1. Before using Crystalift, please cleanse your face first and keep it dry and clean.
2. Please undertake the treatment in a clean and dry place. First, place the container for collecting used crystal powder in the bottom front part of the device until you hear a click sound. Then, take the blue cap off from a new crystal powder container and open the device’s cover, directly place the new container onto the powder disposing slot. Next, plug in the cables, open the top cover and switch on the device.
3. Adjust the strength and speed of releasing crystal powder according to personal preference
4. Facial treatment: 
Chin: Place the tip of the applicator directly onto the chin area and gently move along
Forehead: From left to right, place the applicator onto the skin and move back and forth.
Face: Starting from the chin, move the applicator up and down along the jawline.
5. Turn off the device after the treatment, remove the cables and store it in a dry place. Use water to wipe off the excess crystal powder on the face.
6. One treatment per container, please replace both containers after using.

1. To test the strength of giving out crystal powder, 1 is the lowest and by turning the button anti-clockwise can increase the speed. The speed can be alternated during the treatment.
2. Do not apply this device to sensitive parts for example eyes, lips or wounded area. If inadvertently, please rise with water immediately or seek medical advice.
3. During the treatment, if you experience any discomfort, please stop using this product and seek medical assistance immediately.
4. When cleaning the applicator, you should first remove the tip and clean it with alcohol using a cotton swab. Gently put the tip back onto the applicator and do not dip the applicator inside water.

Power Adaptor
Replacement Powder
Instruction Manual
Warranty Card